I'm Matthew, a product designer with more than 14 years of experience.

I have been fortunate enough to work with many companies of all sizes across North America and APAC regions. Through my experiences, I have been able to understand how we cannot assume success in one market will translate to success in the next.

With my experiences, you will quickly find out that I will dig to answer questions many are hesitant to answer, such as countering the cannots with why and how do we get there? or what differentiates our product from the rest? and have we really understood our users problem?

I am also a person who enjoys seeing others grow. I have been active in the community helping others and recently took on a role mentoring other designers at Design Lab. I do believe that as leads of a team, our role should be more focused on team growth which will inadvertently result in stellar products.

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  1. 2023: CSSDA Best UX, UI and Innovation Award
  2. 2020: The Most Innovative Team during DBS Bank's Foundation Done in a Day Hackathon
  3. 2015: Top Design writer on for October '15


It's rare to find a qualified designer who can not only sketch, wireframe, compose and then build their own designs but also have an appreciation for the effort that would need to be applied in order to actually develop and release their work...
Ben Truyman, Apple
As Design Standards governer for Institutional Banking products, Matt went beyond his core role in establishing and maintaining the design system and language. He has a strong passion for creative problem-solving, and proactively supported Product Designers in their project-specific challenges...
Alex Teo, DBS Bank

What I'm up to

I am a designer who has recently taken up a more technical hobby in Python. I have always enjoyed creating small tools and software and found that python not only allows me to learn a new form of development, but it also allows me to build my knowledge and strengths in data cleaning and visualization.

I've also started to try my hand at illustrations, primarily in isometric and map making. Yet another hobby that has been on the back burner until now.

I also enjoy reading a good book now and then, here are my latest favorites:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Endurance by Alfred Lansing Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom Salt by Mark Kurlansky Spring Snow by Yukio Mishima